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So much more than a sign, ThinkSIGN’s premium EMC with our very own Studio Cloud software is the industry’s easiest, most powerful total marketing solution.


Investing in an EMC is a big decision. At ThinkSIGN, our focus is ensuring you maximize the return on that investment. Our easy, intuitive Studio Cloud software allows for powerful, flexible, customized messaging. And our expertly crafted signs have best in class brightness, overpowering even direct sunlight, giving your message the reach and range to engage a big audience and have a huge impact on your bottom line.


Your sign needs to be seen, and we craft our ThinkSIGN LED signs to overpower the sun with the highest visibility and farthest reach in the industry. We know from experience that some of our low cost competitors will only demonstrate their signs in the shade or when the light is low. Thers's no value in a dim sign. You get what you pay for. So wherever you get your sign, think brightness and make sure it meets the ThinkSIGN standard. 


You’ve heard about the ten thousand hours thing. Well, that’s not enough for us. Our end-to-end design and manufacturing process puts us in control of every detail of our signs, from concept to construction. For both hardware and software alike, decades of study, refining and experience are fuled by our dedication to innovation, ensuring that by the time you’ve got your sign, our hard work makes your experience easy. 


So many businesses and organizations who own LED signs sacrifice success because they do not optimize their messaging. The software is a hassle, so they get complacent. The messaging gets stale and ineffective. ThinkSIGN Studio Cloud is the industry’s first fully mobile, cloud based, first party software. Our intuitive features allow you to design and schedule sign content in just minutes, across any device, anywhere you are. We urge you to compare ThinkSIGN Studio Cloud to any competitor’s software, because fresh, effective messaging is how your sign pays off.


We don’t have a call center. We have Steve, Damon, Matt, Kevin, and Nick. Ask for them by name…really. Because we take your sign personally. You’re an expert in what you do, so we don’t expect you to be an expert in a sign. That’s what those guys are for. From a content design consultation to sending a specialist out to you, we get you help fast, and we make it easy.


You can’t put a price on peace of mind. But being on your own to make the right EMC investment can have a great cost. That’s why ThinkSIGN has built a national network of specialists, retailers, and technicians with a human presence everywhere we sell. We don’t rely on remote service – we insist on boots on the ground. Whether it’s before, during, or after the sale, we’ll be at your place…face to face.

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